Friday, February 19, 2010

Saving Money at the Grocery Store

When I see a good sale I try to stock up on items I know my family will eat.  Well this week Publix was having a good sale on Pasta and Pasta Sauce and other Bogo items.  I'm posting a photo of the items I purchased this is for my friend Deborah!.

Ok, now here's what I got at publix.
1 gal milk
2 boxes Special K granola cereal
1 bag Boca Burger crumbles
2 bags Wise Cheese Doodle
2 Muir Glen Tomatoes
1 Progresso Bread Crumbs
6 Boxes Mueller's pasta Asst.
3 Cans Progresso Soups
1 Container Oikos yogurt

My total Cost before Coupons was $48.70 after all my coupons I spent $1.20 cents .  I saved a total of $47.50.

I was able to save this much because Publix will accept competitors coupons, manufacturers coupons and they have their own store coupons.  You can stack coupons at Publix.

Special K cereal - $3.99
Manu. Coupon    -<1.00>
Store Coupon       <1.00>
Compet. Coupon  <1.00>
Total Cost                  .99

Also Publix was offering a $5.00 off $30.00 so I was able to use that coupon.

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  1. I coupon, and do the Publix BOGO deals, but I have NEVER managed deals as good as this!!!