Thursday, September 17, 2009

YES, I did it!!!!

Drum roll please!!!! I went back to the grocery store today and I saved 87% off by grocery bill. Again I purchased mostly snacks for the kids. But if you have kids you know that's something they are always want. Using coupons I got from the Sunday paper and printing coupons from the coupon link on my blog I was able to save $61.27.

The total before coupons and discounts was $70.74 my total after all the coupons was $9.47.
Right now I have enough snacks for the kids lunches and for after school for several weeks.


  1. $61.27 is nothing to laugh at. That's great! Congrats! I have some questions about how you do it and this might not be the best place to ask but: You collect coupons and use them at your grocery store? Might I ask which one? I have a Wal Mart close by and they honor ads from other stores; just show it to them at check out as they scan that particular item. Also, I've read alot about going to CVS and Walgreens with their own coupons and playing their game with their extra bucks and such. I've tried CVS once or twice and it works. You end up paying just a little or sometimes getting items for free. What do you think? Any other tips you can offer?

  2. larleo,

    I get coupons from the Sunday paper and I also print them off the computer. The grocery store I go to is Harris Teeter. They were offering triple coupons this week. They will triple up to 99 cent value. So a coupon worth .50 will be worth $1.50. I also go to CVS and Walgreens using their extra bucks and rolling them into getting items for free.